Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Open Day - Sunday 11th September 2011 - FREE Workshops

Nettle Retting - Learn how to make your own fibers and clothing from stinging nettles (this one requires patience). We already have some soaking in water ready for twisting.
Cider Brewing - There should be plenty of apples ready around at the moment, so please bring some along if you are coming. Hopefully we'll have enough to make 7 gallons.
Go Nuts! - This isn't really a workshop, but there are millions of acorns, hazel and cob nuts around at the moment, and we are collecting as many as possible. They'll all be gone soon so lets make the most of this abundance!

There will be home grown food, tea, coffee and some veg to take home if you want.
Email syonlanecommunityallotment@gmail.com or phone 07905 283114 for more info.

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