Monday, 26 September 2011

A Big Thank You.... everyone who took part in the harvest festival on Sunday and to everyone who has put their energy into the land this year. It really felt like the place took on a new dimension last night! Special thanks to Dawn and Choco for leading the ceremony and to all those who drummed, sang and danced and probably freaked out anyone catching a train from platform 1 last night.

From October 2011 to Febuary 2012 open days will be on the first Sunday of each month. The dates are:

Sunday 2nd October 2011
Sunday 6th November 2011
Sunday 4th December 2011
Sunday 1st January 2012
Sunday 5th Febuary 2012

Weekly open days will begin again in March 2012

This does not mean that nobody can use the site during winter, if you want to hold an event there you are most welcome to.

Some people where asking for a recipe for the nut-roast so here it is:
(There are still plenty of acorns about so get picking now! they will keep for a good while)

Veg to be boiled:

3-4 potatos
4-5 parsnips
1 butternut squash
1 pumpkin
4-5 apples

(boil until everything is soft, strain off water and then mash)

Veg to be fried:

2 Onions
2 whole heads of garlic
4-5 Celery sticks
A handful of Nasturtium seeds
10 small radishes
A bowl full of radish seed pods

(fry quickly, 5 minutes should be enough)

Next, mix everything togethor including the nuts and any herbs you want to add. With hazel nuts, peanuts, etc you can put them in as they are. With acorns, you must crush them up and boil them in several changes of water to remove all tanin (red stuff that you'll see in the water). Once the water runs clear, all the tanin has been removed, and you can add the nuts to the mixture. Next, take everything and put it in a baking dish, stick it in the oven for 1 hour or so and then serve. You'll know when its ready when the surface becomes crispy.


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