Monday, 19 September 2011

Harvest Festival - Sunday September 25th 2011 - 12pm until 10pm

Come and join us as we celebrate the harvest of 2011!

1pm: Lunch

2pm - 6pm: Workshops and activities -
Clay pot making, Sowing autumn veg, Manual labour for men, Corn dolly and harvest mask making, Apple bobbing and more (bring your own ideas)
6pm - 7pm: Dinner  - vegan, vegetarian and carnivorous options available

7pm - end: Home made Elderberry wine inspired Jam session, Poetry reading and Story telling (please bring an instrument, poem or story if you have one)

Feel free to come and hang out for any part of the day, there will be free tea and coffee available all day as usual. If it rains we now have a shelter with a wood burner inside which can hold around 20 people. Call 07905 283114 or email for more information.


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